Is God Real? There Is No Doubt

is god real

Is God Real?

If you've read our last post, then the answer would clearly seem to be yes. But there are those who will claim that God is not real, at least anymore or in any kind of relevant sense.

We did establish that God is real insofar as a Deist would be concerned. We've shown the necessity of a Creator, who is ultimately the root cause/source of all that is. Any deist would agree with this. But what they would generally disagree with is that God was and continues to be an active agent within the universe.

In other words, the Creator instantiated the universe, yet chose to remain outside of it. God does not intervene, did not intervene, and will not intervene. The deistic position is only different form athiesm in the sense that the deist acknowledges that the Creator-agent must exist.

Thus the deist would concede that God is real, yet will see no evidence of fingerprints within the universe aside from its genesis. This does not mesh with the somewhat human-centric view that to be real requires presence within the creation. 

While we will not establish it here, we do not agree with the deistic view. Future posts will dig into this, but for now we will simply put our general view out there: God is a real and active agent, participating within the created order. What does this look like? We shall see.

We'd like to take a moment here to point to a few resources that might stimulate more thought and discussion around this subject.

Check out this movie: God's Not Dead [Blu-ray]

It's not going to win any Oscars, but it is an interesting (though basic) exploration of the topic. I thought it was entertaining as well. You could do far worse for a movie night!

If you want to read the book the movie comes from, or go straight to the book, go here: God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty

These resources favor a Christian perspective (full disclaimer: so do we) but again, the objective here is to build from the ground up to see what we find. These stories will go far beyond what we have tackled so far and will get into more challenging issues than we have tackled so far. We'll get there!