• 7 Amazing Scientific Predictions In The Bible

    Modern science and the Bible are often presented at-odds, as if the two are opposed. The reality is that the more you understand each one, the more you appreciate the

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  • is god real

    Is God Real? There Is No Doubt

    Is God Real?If you’ve read our last post, then the answer would clearly seem to be yes. But there are those who will claim that God is not real, at

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  • is there a god

    Is There A God

    Is There A God?This is a question that almost everyone wonders about at some point. Sure, you may or may not have been told there was (or wasn’t) when you

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  • how to find God

    How To Find God

    Wonder how to find God? It’s easy: you just have to look. Just kidding of course. The question is not really “how to find God” as much as it is

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Theism, Atheism, and Agnosticism

Theism, Athiesm, and Agnosticism DefinitionsThe terms “theist”, “atheist”, and “agnostic”, though widely used, can be particularly confusing. This is largely because often different people use